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Why Circle8

Circle8 is a cloud platform designed to streamline the entire compliance process and let you focus on delivering optimal financial advice.

It helps compliance managers to gain visibility and efficiency and optimize the advice process. 

It gives financial planners and advisors greater confidence and certainty, and reduces business risk.

It allows AFSL's and dealer groups to focus on delivery and to improve service - and ultimately increase business value. 

Meeting a client's need is not a one-off event but a series of engagements underpinned by a variety of documentation and paperwork. 

Leveraging powerful AI capabilities the Circle8 compliance management solution can automatically analyse all the documents used during a client engagement and capture the critical elements - thus building a virtual map of the relationship with the client.  

Let us streamline your compliance

Capabilities of the Circle8 solution include;   

Simplified Document Filing

Streamline the document filing process and increase speed and efficiency in exploring the available files

Document Content Analysis

Automated analysis and capture of key document components - ensuring alignment to guidelines and client needs

Specific Requirements

Ensuring documents are signed,  correct FSG and PDS are provided , FDS are correctly dated, plus more

Client Specific Analysis

Ensuring documents align to the clients specific objectives and criteria

Client Engagement Map

Intuitive and powerful dashboards outlining the engagement with the clients

Insights and Exceptions

Powerful business insights capabilities that allow you to identify problems and develop business insights 

Future Activity Planning

Providing guidance on future work that needs to be undertaken, based on the learnings of the current documents

 Performance Rating

Develop & Monitor KPIs that help the continued improvements in delivery and compliance process

Speak with us today. Get compliant.

Speak with us today about how Circle8 can help you streamline your compliance.

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