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Is your business compliant?

67% of businesses are unknowingly not up to date with ASIC compliancy. If an audit happened tomorrow, are you prepared?


 Our aim is simple; 

To use advanced technology, such as AI, to address one of the biggest challenges facing the financial services industry.

How we can help your business

How we help Australian Financial Services Licencee (AFSL)

AFSLs across Australia & Asia-Pacific can utilise AI technology for real-time visibility of advice, incidents, complaints and breaches across all practices.  Utilise metrics and alerts to identify risks in compliance and manage the incident reporting process.

How we help a Corporate Authorised Representative (AR or CAR)

Advice Practices can utilise AI technology to pre-vett advice documents, analyse client files and assist with client research and practice management to meet Best Interest Obligations.  Log incidents, complaints and breaches to meet RG271 requirements and more.

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Streamline Compliance Processes with visibility

Align with ASIC, APRA, AFCA and AFSL Regulations

Utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver more compliant advice

Increase book value through technology and automation

Are you prepared

Is your business at risk?

​“46% of business executives say they use AI to manage risk, fraud, and cybersecurity threats”.


December 2018

Is your business prepared?

Australian financial planners are under immense pressure since the Hayne Royal Commission and the pressures to have the right process and software tools in place are increasing. 

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Contact Us

Contact the Circle8 team for a no-obligation evaluation. We will quickly assess your compliance capabilities and provide feedback on how the Circle8 solution can help.

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